Security Abroad

Being of the global Group GEOS network, we offer our clients an all-around security package for the travel and business abroad. We have the development of the political and security situation in mind and are available 24/7 for you - so that you can focus on the essence of your business.

Policies, Trainings and Crisis Manuals

Based on your corporate governance guidelines we develop together with you a travel security policy, train your travel management, the expatriates and frequent travellers, and describe the methods and procedures to deal with critical incidents abroad in a crisis and emergency plan.


Travel Security

  • We implement enterprise-wide travel management processes and support them with our partners in medical and safety issues in more than 85 countries around the world.

  • As a preparation, we train employees and family members prior to their postings, prepare country-specific training focused on the realities in the countries and sensitise the employees to the awareness for intercultural and security issues.

Country Risk Reports

Our situation centre keeps a country database, where the risk ratings and reviews from various points of view are represented. Our customers can consult the online system itself or obtain cause-related land information from us.


Supporting Measures Onsite

  • We already analyze in advance of the project start the security situation at the planned site and assist with special services on the spot. These include all questions of logistics, environmental, health and occupational safety  in addition to the traditional security issues.

  • Prior to posting, we undertake a risk analyses of the accommodation as well as the local infrastructure and advise on the implementation of security measures.

  • We support your staff on-site with individually adapted measures and can help quickly with situations relevant to security and medical incidents