Crisis Team Training

The professional and quick response in a crisis situation often decides the further course of the development of the situation. The fundamental problems of crisis management focus on the handling of information and dealing with emotions.



Crisis Team Training

Crises are exceptional situations in which special skills are required of the crisis manager. Therefore each company is well advised to train the members of the crisis team continuously. In order to prepare the crisis teams for the case of emergency we develop so-called storybooks and run the team through a few hours of a simulation. The goals are achieved given teaching goals and the formation of the crisis team. Our training courses are characterized by diversity, realism and a skilful stress factor.



Crisis Communication Training

In corporate crisis it is mandatory to have the valid information available in time, to analyse them correctly and to communicate the right content to the relevant stakeholders in a timely manner. The experience teaches that many corporate crises and their consequences are the result of late, incorrect, or incorrectly addressed communication.

As part of our communication training, we train entrepreneurs, company spokesman and crisis staff in the ability to quickly develop a far-sighted strategy in times of crisis and to consequently implement it. The control of communication measures, the formulation of language and statements, but also the interview before camera and the background conversation will be practised with investigative journalists – all based on a realistic scenario.