Crisis Management Kidnap


In the context of globalization of markets and business processes, many of our medium-sized customers expand their activities in countries whose risk rankings are partially or temporarily classified as problematic. The risk of threats against employees and assets, the risk of terrorist or extremist attacks and a possible kidnap have to be well calculated at your business activities abroad.


Prior to posting your employees in countries with increased risk, we perform security training with a focus on Behaviour in case of a kidnapping. Crisis consultants, security experts and psychologists prepare your staff for the special risk potentials and convey the most important rules of conduct for survival in the hostage.




Should there be a kidnapping, we support your emergency staff as coaches in risk assessment and in cooperation with the competent security agencies and diplomatic missions. We provide experienced psychologists and legal counsel for the care of affected families, as well as a security team for the shielding of the concerned family. If the case admits and requests we support with the development of a negotiating strategy and in all measures that are conductive to a release of the hostages. Also in this critical service we are acknowledged crisis managers and accredited as consultants with all leading insurances. 

The European Network of Advisory Teams - EUNAT - was founded by experts of the BKA (German Federal Criminal Police office) and Europol and can enable the internaitonal interaction in the event of kidnaĆ¼, threat and blackmail.

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